Secondary and Higher Secondary Section Celebrations


A new term in school brings new challenges, new opportunities, new beginnings and new plans. Keeping all these points in mind, the Principal of Sakar School addressed the students of class XI Science and Commerce. On behalf of the management she welcomed the students and appreciated them for their 100% results. She delivered a speech on various topics including rules and regulations of the school, discipline, attendance, respect for one another, sincerity, good food habits, aims and objectives of Sakar. The importance of career in students’ lives was emphasized and the children were made aware of the various career options open to them. The school had invited two ex-Sakarians who shared few nostalgic moments of their school life and also told the juniors to explore and re-explore the emerging learning pattern to the fullest.
       Wishing all the students a great and a very bright future!
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There is nothing more refreshing and more inspiring than to see a wonderful smile on the faces of the under privileged when you have just done something helpful. Their eager faces enthrall when they receive a gift that they might have needed, loved or enjoyed greatly. A group of 35 students of SES of grades IX and XI, along with a few teachers visited the slum areas near Chandkheda region. The students talked to the deprived children and tried to understand their afflictions and difficulties. They distributed a kit containing articles of personal hygiene to them. The students of SES explained to them the importance of hygiene and clean surroundings. The children of the slum areas listened to them carefully and promised to follow the simple rules of cleanliness. They accepted the kit of essentials with a smile on their faces. It is note worthy to mention that, when the school ran short of a kit, a student Debarpita Naskar, of class 11 Comm., donated a sum of Rs.200/- from her purse. Thus a noble cause was done in a noble way with the help of the students and teachers of Sakar. 


On 1st Dec- ‘WORLD AIDS DAY’, Sakar invited a very reputed, dignified and retired medical officer from O.N.G.C – Dr. H.Aterkar to share his knowledge about AIDS – the dreaded scourge. He highlighted the problems caused by this deadly disease. This is caused by a pathogen called HIV – Human Immune Deficiency Virus. He explained that the pathogen enters the body through different modes – when a person has an intimate relationship with an infected person; Infected Blood transfusion, by contaminated needles, syringes etc. so intravenous drug users are most vulnerable & also from an infected mother to her new born. There is lack of adequate knowledge about AIDS so people have built a misconception about it. It is transmitted through environment, touching & fondling. It affects the immune system of body so any small disease can become a cause of death. Though it cannot be cured at present, spreading awareness and taking preventive measures can help to control in a long way. It was an interactive, informative & knowledgeable session. 


The Human Rights Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Sakar English School. The morning assembly started when the head mistress, Smt. Baijanti Maharana wished the children Happy Human Rights Day. Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings irrespective of their nationality , place of residence , national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language or any other status. The grade 9 students of SES along with the teachers created an environment wherein the students were made aware of the different human rights enjoyed by all the citizens and their importance. It was a fun filled, educative and informative session.


When we, the grade IX students of Sakar English School visited the Times of India Press, it was a great experience for all of us. We were warmly received by Mr. Shashank and Mr. Milan and taken inside the printing press. It was a huge place with more than 50 engineers managing a daily production of a lakh newspaper copies. This process is an amalgamation of green innovation and six sigma culture. Newspaper as we all know in simple terms is defined as past and present event record. The paper that is used is a completely recycled paper and the ink too is imported mainly from Germany. If we get into the statistics, 9 metric tons of paper per month is used to print the newspaper. One roll of the recycled paper is of 10Kg that prints 20,000 pages whereas one machine prints 29 pages, and for each 2100 pages one unit of power is used. It was great to know that all the people working at the press were highly qualified and we saw a good team work among them. Hats off to their collective team spirit. We appreciate their hard work and dedication to give us such a useful tool for our education. All our questions were answered by Mr. Sandeep Chauhan. He explained to us all the details connected with the printing of the newspaper. It was the most educative, informative and satisfying trip for us and we will cherish it in our hearts throughout our life.


Farewell functions are always an exciting affair and bring alive a lot of happy memories. The students of Sakar English School organized a farewell function to bid adieu to the students of class 12. The day started with great excitement and merriment. The students of class 12 along with the chairman, Pravin Patel arrived for the ribbon cutting ceremony.The children presented many song and dance performances. Inspirational speeches were given by the teachers wherein they blessed the children and wished them good luck. Prizes were given for the best dressed children. The Chairman addressed the students and put forth the journey of his career from humble beginnings to great heights. The children were greatly inspired by his success story. Children expressed their strong emotions that were running through their heart at that moment. The send- off is in a way, a sad reminder of the fact that they are no more students of this grand school. But the reality was sometimes else. For, in their hearts they carried with them beautiful memories of that edifice that was their academic home for so many years. Last, but not the least the Principal, Smita Das blessed the children and gave them tips on how to be successful and happy in life. Thus ended a beautiful day marked with happy and sad moments and lots of love.


The very first day of the new session at Sakar began with the activity of tree plantation. Our entire life support system is dependent on the well being of all the species living on the earth. Environment Day  is an opportunity for all of us  to get involved in something which is critical for our future. Tree plantation is a solemn activity which should be undertaken by one and all. Keeping this in mind, Sakar English School celebrated the Environment Day for the second consecutive year The Children prepared beautiful placards on  ‘‘ Save Environment ’’ and ‘‘ Plant more Trees’’. Honourable Chairman Pravin Patel and principal Smita Das planted the first sapling on the divider of the New C.G. Road,Chandkheda.The headmistresses Baijayanti Maharana and Priti Hendre, other teachers and students also planted many saplings. The enthusiasm of the students and staff members even on a sunny day was worth admiring . The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity especially being in a group and working together for a common goal. The students not only planted the saplings but also took the responsibility of taking care of the plants by watering them throughout the year . The program concluded with slogans of ‘‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai ’’ and ‘‘ Save the Environment ’’by the chairman .


Sakar celebrated its 14th Foundation day recently with great fervour and enthusiasm. Within a span of 13 years, it has created a niche for itself in terms of education and extra curricular activities. The day was celebrated by presenting a small skit based on our respected chairman Mr. Pravin Patel’s hard efforts to build the school and making it successful. To mark this special day, the school organized a Blood Donation Camp with the help of Prathama Group for a noble cause of helping the needy. Sakar was successful in collecting 50 units of blood which was a very huge contribution towards the society. As a gesture of appreciation, a token gift was offered to all donors. The school encouraged and promoted this noble cause, not only in its school but also devotedly organized a rally in its neighbourhood to motivate people for blood donation. Thus, Sakar has always come forward for the noblest and greatest cause to help mankind. An another act of humanity was conducted on this day by the students of std VIII and std IX. They visited a govt. School(Visat Mata Prathamik Shala) which educates the children from under priviledged background, living in the nearby slums. The students distributed a large number of school bags and notebooks  to these children of std I to VIII. It was a welcoming sight to see the rainbow of smiles on their faces. Thus these simple actions speaks for itself about the school – its kindness and love for humanity.


Every year, since 1962, 5th Sept is celebrated as Teachers’ Day all over the world to commemorate the birth anniversary of the second President of India, Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Teachers’ Day celebration is undertaken to honour teachers for their sincere efforts to impart knowledge to their students. By having such celebrations in schools, colleges and other educational institution, the students convey the message that they care for their teachers just as teachers who painstakingly dedicate their efforts for the children.

On this occasion, a grand programme was organized by the Sakarians. Teachers doned the role of students and conducted the school assembly. Teachers were honoured on the stage by the children, by giving  flowers to the  teachers and taking their blessings. Also the Principal, Mrs.Smita Das, was honoured a trophy and cash award by the prestigious SOF team as the ‘Best Principal’ at the district level. She shared her happiness and award not only with the coordinators of the SOF team at Sakar but with the whole school. It was indeed a great moment of pride for the school.

This was followed by other few programmes like poems, speech and shlokas in Sanskrit read out by many teachers. A small skit was enacted by the teachers to show the relationship between teachers and their students. The skit also displayed the role played by teachers in the formation of a society.

Students also decorated their classrooms to celebrate Teachers’ Day. Students of class IX dressed up like teachers by teaching the junior classes. This is done so that the children get a fair idea of the responsibilities that are so efficiently handled by the teachers. Also, the children recognize the devotion with which teachers undertake the responsibility of educating a child academically as well as morally. The children thus take a vow to act as a guiding force for other children and show them the path towards success. In this way the children brighten up their lives by imparting ethical and academic knowledge.

Many children showed their love and repect to their teachers by offering them ‘Thank You’ cards with Teachers’ Day greetings. Some wrote beautiful poems to appreciate the efforts of their teachers in helping them to enrich their lives by imparting them better knowledge and education and thus making them beautiful blooming flowers of the future.

Sakar, thus celebrated this occasion of Teachers’ Day with great mirth and gusto.

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Parents Day

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