Primary Celebrations

Sakar Celebrates Environment Day
Environment influences and shapes our life. Our entire life support system is dependent on the well being of all the species living on earth. Environment day is an opportunity for all of us to get involved in something which is critical for our shared future and work in a co-ordinated manner to empower us all to play an active role in protecting our environment. Keeping this in mind Sakar took the initiative to celebrate the environment day. Children prepared beautiful placards on “Save Environment” , “Plant more trees”, “Go green “ , “Save our Mother Earth” etc. The trustee members Mr.Ankit Patel and Ms. Deepika Patel planted the first sapling in the school premises.  Many saplings were planted by the students on the divider of New C.G.Road, near Sakar English School. The children thoroughly enjoyed the activities especially being in a group and working together for a common goal. The students of class VIII not only planted the saplings but also took the responsibility of taking care of the plants by watering them regularly throughout the year. 
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 Yoga Day
Yoga is a method of bettering oneself physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a way of life that incorporates ethical practices, a  system of training one’s body, mind and spirit, aimed at achieving a liberated and free state of existence. On the initiative of our honourable Prime Minister shri. Narendra Modi, the world celebrated its first Yoga Day on 21st June-2015. Following the same, Sakar English School also took a small step to make this activity  memorable. It was good to see many students and teachers gathered on a Sunday morning. The day began with a shloka which was a message of unity taken from the Rigveda.The students and the teachers performed various asanas like Kapal Bhati, Bhramari , Trikon asana, Shava asana, tadasana, Pawan Mukta asana etc. To see the children perform so well and in  a disciplined manner in the silent morning hours was really a thing of beauty. All the Yoga enthusiasts stretched and twisted in unison to mark the first International Yoga Day.
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Cricket Stars of Sakar felicitated by Parthiv Patel
It was a matter of pride and pleasure that Sakar’s winning cricket team along with our honourable Chairman Mr.Pravin Patel was felicitated by India’s International Player and Gujarat Ranji team’s Captain Parthiv Patel. Sakar provides a platform to the students to get trained in the field of sports and get an opportunity to show their talents. They proved it by winning trophy as the best cricket team under 16 and they stood as a testimony to excellence. Cricket is one of the world’s most popular sports. It is quickly gaining popularity throughout the world. Cricket is an excellent game for children because it teaches the qualities like – sportsmanship, leadership, hand-eye coordination and discipline. It keeps children physically as well as mentally fit. We wish all the best to the Sakarians for their future endeavour.

Sakar Celebrates its 13th Foundation Day
Sakar English School organized a special event to mark the occasion of its 13th ‘Foundation Day’. The function began with the lamp lighting ceremony by the Chairman, Mr. Pravin Patel; Managing Director, Mrs. Hansa Patel ; Principal Smita Das and the H.Ms. Aarti was sung by one of our founder members. The Chairman motivated, inspired and boosted the morale of the children for bringing ethical perfection. He reminisced his spiritual guru Shri Narayan Mama and paid tribute to him. The Principal addressed the students and shared the major achievements of Sakar. She congratulated the children for their 100% result in the board exams.
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Orphanage Visit
Every year Sakar celebrates its foundation day in a unique way. This year a group of 30 students from grade VIII visited Manav Smriti, an NGO for differently abled children, which runs under the Umiya Viklang Trust. It voluntarily renders rehabilitating services to persons with disabilities through a holistic approach inclusive of education, medical care, vocational training and child guidance. The Managing Director of the NGO, Mr.Bhavesh Patel welcomed the students and teachers.  The children of Sakar interacted with the disabled children and talked to them about their schedule and day-to-day activities. The Sakarians distributed snacks and everyday essentials for the welfare of the down trodden and weaker section of the society and added a little bit of warmth in their lives. “It was a very touching moment for all of us when the children of the orphanage pleaded to take them along with us.” remarks Tanisha Pincha of class VIII A.

Blood Donation Camp
To mark the occasion of its 13th foundation day, Sakar English School organised a ‘Blood Donation Camp’ in its premises, where parents and teachers voluntarily donated blood. The camp was organised by ‘Prathma Blood Centre’. More than 40 units of blood was collected. Prior to the camp the band students and staff members organised a rally where the  people were made aware of the camp and the benefits of blood donation. The children had also prepared beautiful placards like, ‘ Rakt ka daan karo, Jeevan ka kalyan karo’, ‘Rakt Daan, Maha daan’, etc. Many parents came forward to donate blood. Many of them were donating for the first time. Thus, they showed their solidarity towards the poor and needy, who cannot afford to buy blood when they are sick. It was an honour for SES that the chief minister Mrs. Anandiben Patel congratulated and blessed Sakar as it actively participated for this noble cause. It was a joint effort of all the students, teachers and parents which made this event a big success.     

Sakarians Turn Philanthropists
Sakar believes that many diseases can be prevented by creating awareness and increasing knowledge amongst the people. SES supported the awareness campaign of Cancer Aid Society by a collective effort of all Sakarians. The students of SES collected an amount of Rs.2,36,168 under the nationwide Cancer Control Programme. CAS is a national NGO in special consultative status with United Nations. They recognised our concern towards social activities and motivation of students for this noble humanitarian cause. As a token of appreciation the NGO gave a shield to the school and trophies and certificates to the Principal, HM’s, coordinators and students. The funds raised shall go a long way for the control of tobacco, cancer and balliative care in tune with the guidelines of world Health Organisation.

An ‘Eye’ – Opening Seminar at Sakar
Vision is an essential part of human life. Yet millions of people all around the world live with visual impairment & many more remain at risk of eye disease & preventable eye injury. To create awareness on this issue a seminar was arranged by Sakar for its students to make them understand the importance of vision. Dr.Ashish Saxena, a well known Opthalmologist, along with Mr. Akshay and his team from Microlabs ltd, visited Sakar and addressed the students on this topic . Dr.Saxena spoke on lazy eye & dry eyes syndrome & how proper medical check-up and early intervention can avert medical complications later. He also expressed the need of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, taking proper nutrition and drinking lot of water. He also emphasized on minimal usage of AC’s, computers & other gadgets. Dr. Saxena also advised the students to protect the eyes from pollution & excessive light. Also queries related to eyes were successfully answered by Dr.Saxena. He also urged the children to take care of their eyes and added that good vision is equal to good education. Thus he concluded by saying that vision is the most beautiful gift of god to human-beings which enables us to enjoy & cherish every moment of life.

Investiture Ceremony At Sakar
Investiture ceremony sets the right tone for an academic year during which the young leaders not only learn to guide other students but also create models in leadership for others to emulate. Students of today are the visionaries and torch bearers of tomorrow. Sakar is trying to develop the responsible human beings with leadership qualities. The CCA coordinators addressed the students and explained to them the importance of co-curricular activities along with the scholastic subjects. Vinit Mehta of grade X was honoured for his excellent performance in IMO.  The oath was administered by honorable Shri Pravin Patel. It was a proud moment for the Sakar family as meritorious and responsible students stood on the stage to take the oath. As the house prefects took the oath they pledged that they would carry out their responsibilities with all earnestness and integrity. The managing director Mrs. Hansa Patel declared the activities open. Our honorable Principal Mrs. Smita Das congratulated the new house prefects and wished them good luck for their upcoming responsibilities. She emphasized on the fact that winning is not important but participation through fair and honest means helps the students in the long run. She also spoke on discipline and mannerism. The event ended on a note of positivity and willingness to work in full swing with hopes and aspirations for our young leaders. The event was a great success with the participation of the management, teachers and students.

Celebration Of Independence Day At Sakar
Sakar English School celebrated its 69th Independence Day with full reverence, vigour and zeal. The celebration began with unfurling of the tricolor followed by singing of the National Anthem. A mélange of activities created an atmosphere of national pride. Activities included speeches, group songs, group dances and skits. Students spoke about the perennial values like, truth, courage, patriotism and perseverance. Pre-primary children had come attired as national leaders and paid a tribute to the motherland in their inimitable style. Gaiety and patriotic fervour marked Independence Day Celebrations at Sakar English School.

Teachers’ Day Celebration At Sakar
A very inspiring quote by Dr. S.Radhakrishnan “you cannot make or build the nation by just bricks; you have to establish the minds of the young people. Then alone can the nation-building take place.” To mark this memorable occasion on his birthday, Sakar celebrated the Teachers day with great pomp and splendour. As always, the students used the occasion as a wonderful opportunity to express their gratitude towards the teachers for shaping their future and influencing their lives. The students of all the classes wished the teachers with their handmade cards and flowers as a token of their love and appreciation. They assumed the role of teachers and took charge of the classes. Also to mark this day, the teachers presented a colourful and riveting programme on the theme- Befitting to the moment for the students. Pearls of laughter and chatter resonated in the air as the teachers in their resplendent attire gathered to celebrate the day which is solely dedicated to them for all the special contributions they make in the field of education. Our respected Principal mam, Mrs. Smita Das addressed the gathering and applauded the contribution made by the teachers in moulding the students into better human beings. Thus it was a day celebrated with a difference, yet with much fervour.

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Remembering Vivekananda 
A motivational quote by Swami Vivekananda – ‘Arise !  Awake ! and stop not until the goal is reached.’ The students and teachers of Sakar English School conducted a special assembly to commemorate the ideals of this great saint who conducted a conference in 1893 at the world’s Parliament of religions at Chicago where he represented Hinduism and addressed the audience as sister and brothers of America. He said that he was proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance. He was also proud to belong to a nation which has sheltered the persecuted and the refugees of all religions and all nations of the earth. A spiritual genius of commanding intellect and power, Swami Vivekananda will always be a reminiscent personality and his memories will be cherished in our hearts forever.

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Hindi Diwas At SAKAR
Everyone, nowadays, wants to learn and speak English language in order to get success in almost all the fields.  Though there is a huge demand of English, national wide, people are steadily forgetting their national language, Hindi. In order to pay tribute to the official language of India, 14th Sept is recognized as Hindi Diwas across the country. It is celebrated every year in many schools, colleges and other institutions too. Sakar, too, dedicates this day, whole-heartedly to the celebration of Hindi Diwas in its style. Children conduct the class assembly in Hindi. Teachers read out Hindi poems and songs to encourage the spirit of the language. Hindi recitation competition is also conducted to motivate and strengthen the language of Hindi. Thus , this annual celebration of Hindi Diwas makes the children proud and initiates enthusiasm among them. It brings a positive perception about Hindi among the children and youth of the country. Thus, every year by organizing variety of programme in schools, college, community or society, the importance of Hindi language is gaining acceptance in its own country.

Dazzling Performance By Sakarians At Garba Day
The festival of Navratri comes with a promise of nine days filled with fun, frolic, dance and festivities all around. Navratri not only symbolizes the victory of good over evil( Goddess Durga’s victory over Mahishasur) but also celebrates the spirit of Indian culture in its togetherness. Garba and dandiya are dance forms which were earlier performed in Gujarat but have now become very popular across the country.The programme at Sakar started with the invocation of Goddess Durga followed by the aarti. The students and teachers came geared in traditional outfits of Gujarat and performed garba on the tunes and beats of gujarati songs. The air was full of excitement and enthusiasm. The children as well as the teachers danced to their heart’s content. It was a joyful and memorable moment for all.

It was a great day for us when we visited the Amul Dairy. We the students of Sakar English School, were welcomed by Ms. Bijal Bhatt. She was the guide of the whole trip. We were taken to the conference room and the whole management was explained to us. We saw many trophies and certificates won by Amul Fed Dairy. The most yummy and incomparable section was the ice-cream plant. It is Amul Fed Dairy’s constant endeavour to ensure that the milk producers and farmers receive market prices regularly & continuously. A very notable thing was hygiene. Hand sanitizers and caps were used by the workers in the plant. We also saw the packaging and distributing unit. Plants which are in the dairy like butter plant, ice-cream plant milk plant etc are well managed by the staff of Amul Fed Dairy. After having one visit we realized that AMUL is contributing a large part in stabilizing our economy. We all would surely love to have one more visit to the AMUL FED DAIRY.

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Sakar English School celebrated the 67th Republic Day with full gusto, great zeal & fervor of patriotism. Celebrations began with unfurling the tricolor followed by a mélange of activities which created an atmosphere of national pride. The national flag was hoisted by one young, bright & talented student of class 11th Sc- Priya Khubchandani who is also a topper throughout her academics. Activities included patriotic group song, dances, speeches, poems and prize distribution. Students spoke about the perennial values like truth, courage, patriotism & perseverance. A marathon was organized for the students of classes 1 to 12. Around 100 children participated in this event. Toppers of the Marathon were awarded with certificates and T- Shirts. Toppers of class 12 of science and commerce stream were also awarded. The programme ended with distribution of sweets after the short speech of vote of thanks by our trustee member Ms. Deepika Patel. Gaiety and Patriotic fervor marked the occasion.

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To make students aware about safety, Sakar organized a Safety Awareness Programme under the aegis of ONGC. A mock drill was conducted by the fire safety group of ONGC where children were introduced on the ways and methods to tackle natural and manmade disasters.

Tips on emergency evacuation were given to the children. Also the students and staff of SES were taught to extinguish fire.

Such informative and educative drills are very essential for any academic institution and SES has been promoting such kind of practical exposure to students so that they can deal with any kind of emergency situation.

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SES (Sakar English School) was swept by the winter spirit of Christmas fervour and carnival celebration all across the school campus. A grand celebration to usher in the festival spirit was pompously celebrated with the Sakarian family. Sakar customized the event to suit its beloved tradition for the year 2016-17. Culture, dance, tradition, amusement, food and games were the ingredients of the power packed package of the carnival which was held recently. It was a fun- filled evening where everybody’s spirits were soaring high in the sky.

The grand celebration was commenced by the lighting of the lamp. Master Uday Patel, son of our honourable Chairman, Mr. Pravin Patel, welcomed the guests to be a part of the carnival. The band community played music which made an energized feeling amongst the audience. It was followed by the mesmerizing performance of the tiny tots of the Pre-Primary section. All teachers volunteered to head up the different zones of games, food, stage programmes and other various logistics.

Students of the Primary section won everyone’s heart by their elegant performance in aerobic dance, skating dance, ring dance, yoga, folk dance and joker show. Along with this, the children showed their international and national attire by walking the ramp elegantly with pride in the fashion show.

The event was well organized with the school campus being divided into interactive game zones and yummy food stalls. The students setup colourful stalls with different kinds of games to attract the children. The kids started having a ball at the various stalls to play different games that were the hall marks of the carnival. Prizes were set -up for the winners and consolation prizes were also given for those who could not make up to the mark of winners. The winning house (Patel House) and the first runner–up (Sarabhai House) of the CCA group were also felicitated with trophies. The food stalls added an extra charm to the event for the foodies with all sorts of sweet and savoury menu in their list for those who wanted to satisfy their taste buds. Thus a lot of effort was put in to cater to the needs of every individual.

The show-stealer of this event was the introduction of Paytm for everyone so that no individual would feel the bitterness of cash-crunch at the various zones of food and games.

The complete atmosphere was full of vigour and enthusiasm. The audience was overwhelmed with joy and happiness as they gave a big round of applause after the programme ended.  Thus the event was held to give kids and their parents an opportunity to have great fun and frolic. The sense of joy and satisfaction filled in the minds of the children who went home with faces shining which even millions of diamonds could not have given that experience.

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Energy Conservation Day at Sakar

Sakar celebrated the National Energy Conservation Day on 14th December with the objective to make the students aware of the need to save and conserve energy for its future use.

A special assembly was conducted for the children to observe this day as a special day to revive our thinkings of not wasting our precious energy resources which may get depleted with time. Informative and educative speech, was also given by the children of grade IX. The children were guided to use energy efficiently and judiciously for their own future use. Briefing this   occasion, beautiful posters were created by the students to make each Individual child aware of the rising wastage of energy which needs to be controlled on everyday basis. For celebrating this occasion, a 40 minute electricity off was declared by the school. The children were made aware of how unnecessarily electricity is wasted by running AC’s, fans, lights, heaters etc when not needed.

Thus Sakar truly follows the Motto ‘Save Energy Today For Better Survival Of Tomorrow’.


Basant Panchmi is celebrated all over India to welcome the spring season. We bow down to goddess Saraswati on this auspicious day to gift us the bliss of knowledge and courage. We wear saffron and yellow coloured clothes to symbolize the beginning of spring season.

The sakarians celebrated Basant Panchami with great fervour. The morning assembly began with a puja offered to Goddess Saraswati. Saraswati Vandana was beautifully recited by Kavya Hendre, a student of class III. The speeches were given and creative charts were made by Sakarians to highlight the importance of Basant Panchami. The recital of shlokas by the teachers left a beautiful impact on students.

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