Parents’ View

R.N. Mehta

I am really satisfied with all the teachers who guide Vinit for his excellent performance and  always stand by him. 

Vishal Choksi I A

Children get a good environment for studies as teachers are co-operative and they implement easy method of teaching. There is a good scope for extracurricular activities like sports and arts. 


Thanks for giving attention to my child (Om Prajapati, VII) and taking care for his future. I am happy with the care taken by each teacher and by hierarchy for the student's future .
Thanks           Suresh J. Prajapati.

Hemanshu Mehta

Under the flagship of the school, my daughter, currently in XII std,  has improved a lot. Based on reputation of the school, Mr.Kunal K. (Physics Teacher) has well prepared and guided for the board exams.
Thanks to the Principal, Kunal Sir and other teachers.

Testing Now

SAKAR has taken shape with a vision and a mission. Sakar’s management has very clear perception about education and various ways and means to realize its real aim. It has tried to provide state-of-the art infrastructure with qualified, competent and committed staff. We try to see that the school doesn’t just remain something like what Gurudev Tagore says “A decorated cage (school) with parrot (the child) inside starving”.

Thank you

My daughter was upset about her work and angry in her nature for last five months. Her class teacher(Ms. Shikha Gupta) cared her personally and guided us how to care her behavior at home. As a result she improved in her behavior and studies. I am thankful to the Principal and Class  Teacher for taking care of our child.

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